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This is a holistic therapy in which essential oils are used for their healing effects on the body. These essential oils are the potent aromatic substances formed in the minute glands in leaves, roots, wood, fruits and flowers of plants. 

They contain the life force of plants and they destroy harmful viruses, bacteria, fungi and other microbes. These oils stimulate neuro-transmitters to induce relaxation and strengthen the immune system to resist diseases.

The primary effect of these essential oils is on the olfactory glands in the brain, however, the oils are also absorbed by the skin. When the oils are inhaled, they affect the emotions since the area of the brain that processes smell, is directly associated with the control of emotions and the autonomic functions.

When the oils are absorbed through the skin, they reach the blood stream and lymphatic system in about  twenty minutes and then flow to the glands, organs and other body parts in order to assist in the healing process.

The essential oils have to be mixed with a fixed or carrier oil and then can be massaged into skin, inhaled or used in a bath or lotion. 


Some basic essential oils and their use:

clary sage- muscle relaxant, asthma, digestive problems.

chamomile- calming and soothing for upset stomach, cramps, ear infection

cypress- tones and tightens, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, cuts, bruises

lavender- muscle tension, headaches, fatigue, HBP, anti-depressant, insomnia.

lemon- acts as a tonic, haemostatic-stop internal bleeding,HBP, gastric acidity

mandarin- calming but refreshing, fluid retention, stretch marks, nausea.

neroli- all skin problems, calming and relaxing. 

sandalwood- stimulate urinary tract, fluid retention, swollen ankle. 


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