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        Holistic Health Services

Your health is your wealth.Your body your only possession.Your mind and spirit the real you.Make a choice to heal and harmonize HOLISTICALLY.

 We offer you healing of  your body mind and spirit utilising ancient and modern modalities;

Be relaxed,renewed and revitalized


Aromatherapy         Reflexology

 Thai bodywork        Chakra balancing         Holistic Counseling

                  Reiki        Myoskeletal Therapy


Relieve stress, tension and High Blood Pressure

Reduce Headaches and Pains

Improve brain function

Increase lymphatic flow

Strengthen the immune system

Cleanse and strengthen your aura

Balance your magnetic frequency

Experience relaxation and peace


Derek Ragbir (CNHP/RAHP/CRHP/H.I.dip in Holistic Therapies)    

416 494 6521  Toronto  Canada   


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