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Derek Ismet Ragbir

CNHP/RAHP/CRHP/HHP/MAT//H.I.Dip in Holistic Therapy



     Holistic Health Services 

Toronto Canada


The company Holisticrealms provides services in the field of Natural Holistic Health. The director Derek Ragbir, is a 

Holistic Health Practitioner, certified and licensed in Metro Toronto, Canada.

Derek is a Certified- Natural Health practitioner, Holistic Health practitioner, Holistic Therapist. Qualified- Aromatherapist, Reflexologist,Thai therapist, Herbalist, Myoskeletal Therapist, Neuro Linguistic Programmer, Life coach, Holistic Counsellor and Reiki Master.

 He has more than twenty years experience and training in Physical 

Education, Holistic Health Bodywork, Metaphysical counseling and Mystical studies.

Derek presently lives in Toronto,Canada, where he offers holistic health services,in 

Aromatherapy,Reflexology,Thai bodywork, Cranial therapy, Chakra therapy, Myofacial release, trigger point therapy, Herbal remedies, reiki and Holistic counseling.


Derek believes that we are physical,mental,emotional,ethereal and spiritually composed.

He states that each level has its own frequency and the cohesive

and most influential force is the individual thoughts, emotions and spirit, which create a subtle vibration affecting our bodies and environment.

True healing occurs when each level is holistically treated.

He advices that  life is a miracle and we only use a fraction of our potential

Our thoughts can be our best friend or our worst enemy.

He states that we are subconsciously and subliminally programmed by selfish desires, past conditioning and fixed narrow beliefs,which hinder us from intelligent thinking and selfless love.

We need to consciously and logically reprogramme and expand our minds to look at situations from a transcendental, objective and more positive outlook.

Our human need for love and acknowlegement, has created  many defences, fears and ego complexes, which prevents us from experiencing love and giving care.

We need to expand our awareness and intelligence to realize, that there is a greater creator, force, intelligence and love that governs the universe and cares for its creations.

We need to love and accept ourselves, for each life has a purpose in keeping the universe in existence and balanced.

We can  make the choice to vibrate at a higher frequency.

Just do it


Enjoy the wonders and the abundance of the Universe.

May your every thought of Love and Care bring Blessings to you and balance to the Universe.

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